While I always recommend reading books and watching instructional videos when asked by artists on how to improve their work, nothing is quite the same as being able to interact with an instructor who takes the time to get to know you and your practice. 

I teach closely to the classical atelier method as the skills taught are widely applicable to many different styles of drawing and painting. 

I offer 2 types of instruction

All new artists will start of with a critique tutorial where we will discuss your art practice and work together in establishing what you want to get out of tuition. No two artists are the same so this initial discussion is critical in tailoring the right programme for you.  

Critique Tutorials

These sessions will be focused on me critiquing your work,

- areas of strength and explaining why they are strong

- areas to improve, and how you can improve them

- artists to look at that excel in the specific are you are struggling

- digital paint-overs

- setting exercises to work on between lessons


These sessions will be focused around specific skills/principles,

- I will introduce the subject and do a demonstration providing further detailed explanation

- I will show examples of mine and other artists work that show the subject at work

- I will set exercises to work on the specific subject between lessons, with a critique at the beginning of the next session based on the previous weeks exercise

- Worksheets detailing the session goals and exercises will be provided