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Toby Michael (b. 1996), an Award-Winning Artist based in Oxford, intricately explores the interplay between nature and nurture in themes of identity and societal struggle through his art. Providing a contemporary perspective on the human condition, his work fosters a nuanced understanding of personal and societal experiences.

Drawing inspiration from 19th-Century Academicism, Pre-Raphaelitism, and Impressionism, Toby skilfully incorporates these influences into his paintings. The creations serve as a thoughtful exploration of narrative, seamlessly blending classical elements with a keen sensitivity to modern issues. His art contributes to a rich and resonant portfolio that bridges classical influences with contemporary relevance.


Lemn Sissay (2019) | Wunmi Mosaku (2019) | Nieves Barragan Mohacho (2019) | Pete Briquette (2022) | Emma Dabiri (2023)


2018 | Making Work Here, The Winchester Gallery

2020 | The Visual Art Open, Online

2021 | Artist in Residence, Stowe House, Buckinghamshire

2021 | Introspections of an Englishman, The Watson Art Gallery, Stowe (Solo)

2022 | The Football Art Prize, Touchstones Rochdale, The Millennium Gallery Sheffield, Sunderland Museum

2022 | Portrait Artist of the Year, The Exhibition, Compton Verney, Leamington Spa

2022 | The Sequested Prize, Online

2022 | Vanity Fair UK

2023 | Connexions, MK Public Library, Milton Keynes

2023 | Vanity Fair UK

2023 | The Old Stoic Society, Green & Stone, Chelsea

2023 | Summer Exhibition, Green & Stone, Chelsea

2023 | Portrait of a Top Boy, Somerset House, Embankment

2023 | Game Changers, Bingham Riverhouse, Richmond

2023 | The Old Stoic Society, The Watson Art Gallery, Stowe

2023 | The Oxford Art Society’s Young Artist Competition, Magdalen Road Studios, Oxford

2024 | The British Art Prize 2023, gallery@oxo, Southwark

2024 | Oxford Art Society Members Exhibition, St. Johns College, Oxford


2018 | The Clyde Hopkins Award for Valorous Painting
2020 | Visual Arts Association Emerging Artist Award 

2020 | Sky Arts Portrait Artist of the Year (Finalist)

2022 | The Football Art Prize (Winner)

2022 | The Sequested Prize (Winner)

2023 | The British Art Prize (Second Prize)

2024 | Oxford Art Society Honorary Members Prize 

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