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Toby Michael (b. 1996) is an Award Winning figurative painter, working from his studio in Oxford. Since graduating from Winchester School of Art in 2018, he has been working as a professional artist, completing portrait commissions and large scale narrative paintings for an international collector base.


His practice is socially engaged and explores the space between biological fundamentalism and social constructivism in relation to personal and group identities, with a focus on class, race, gender and nationality. He explores these themes through visual storytelling, striving to present narratives that engage with identity and offer a positive vision for the future.


His work aims to acknowledge and empathise with the collective harm experienced by various groups, while conveying that an individual is not solely defined by the sum of their group identities (intersectionality). His objective is to inspire individuals to take responsibility for their own lives in the face of injustice and create works that are relatable, empathetic and actionable.


Lemn Sissay (2019) | Wunmi Mosaku (2019) | Nieves Barragan Mohacho (2019) | Pete Briquette (2022) | Emma Dabiri (2023)


2018 | Making Work Here, The Winchester Gallery

2020 | The Visual Art Open, Online

2021 | Artist in Residence, Stowe House, Buckinghamshire

2021 | Introspections of an Englishman, The Watson Art Gallery, Stowe (Solo)

2022 | The Football Art Prize, Touchstones Rochdale, The Millennium Gallery Sheffield, Sunderland Museum

2022 | Portrait Artist of the Year, The Exhibition, Compton Verney, Leamington Spa

2022 | The Sequested Prize, Online

2022 | Vanity Fair UK

2023 | Connexions, MK Public Library, Milton Keynes

2023 | Vanity Fair UK

2023 | The Old Stoic Society, Green & Stone, Chelsea

2023 | Summer Exhibition, Green & Stone, Chelsea

2023 | Portrait of a Top Boy, Somerset House, Embankment

2023 | Game Changers, Bingham Riverhouse, Richmond

2023 | The Old Stoic Society, The Watson Art Gallery, Stowe

2023 | The Oxford Art Society’s Young Artist Competition, Magdalen Road Studios, Oxford


2018 | The Clyde Hopkins Award for Valorous Painting
2020 | Visual Arts Association Emerging Artist Award 

2020 | Sky Arts Portrait Artist of the Year (Finalist)

2022 | The Football Art Prize (Winner)

2022 | The Sequested Prize 2022 (Winner)

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