If you would like to commission a work from me, please can you send me an email or direct message containing the following information:


- What/Who is the subject of the painting

The scale of the work

High-quality reference photos

Please make sure the photo has some shadows on the face.


If you are sending reference photos please do not send images with:


- Selfies

Overly distorted images

Overly saturated or exposed images

Flat lighting



At this point I will evaluate the submission and get back to you on price and whether the image is suitable, I have provided minimum price guidelines further on in the catalogue.

Below are examples of the type of photos that would work well as reference photos.




Artist reference photos

Alternately I can travel to take reference photos and sketches myself however the travel expenses and sitting will be added to the final cost.


Master copies

I do also take master copy commissions so if you would like a copy of a painting you like please follow the same process as earlier specified with client reference photos.



All commissions require a 50% non-refundable deposit prior to work commencing with the second 50% upon completion and prior to delivery. All reproduction rights remain with myself the artist as well as the right to exhibit the work providing you the collector give your consent to do so.




For commissions there are 4 main components which establish the price:


- Scale



No two commissions are exactly alike, I try to tailor the price as closely to each project as possible. Some Collectors prefer to disclose their budget prior to commission so we can work out a painting that works for them and their budget.

Below are the baseline quotes I give for each format of portrait. For cells marked n/a, I do offer quotes but they will be assessed independently on a project by project basis.