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Welcome to my portrait commission guide. Allow me to take you through the commission process step by step.

What does the commission process look like?

Let's start by understanding why you want this commission. We'll discuss your preferences and the emotions you want the painting to convey—whether it's capturing moments with your children, commemorating a loved one, or celebrating a milestone.

Next, we'll talk about the visual details like size, materials, clothing, and pose that will shape the painting's narrative. Typically, I arrange a photoshoot to connect with the subject, but if that's not possible, you can share pictures for us to choose from.

After our discussion, I'll create a preliminary sketch for your approval before starting the painting. I'll keep you updated and open to your feedback throughout the process.

Once the painting is done, I'll show you a digital version for approval, and we'll plan for framing and delivery.

How much does a commission cost?


The price of a 12 x 16" Head and Shoulders Portrait begin at £1750 and increases incrementally depending on scale, medium and complexity. I am able to offer payment in structured instalments of 2-3. 


A non-refundable deposit of 50% will be required before starting preliminary sketches.

12 x 16" £1750

16 x 20" £3000

24 x 30" £4750

I use museum-grade materials for all my commissions, ensuring the highest quality finish.


Head & Shoulders Portraits start at £1,750

Larger more complex portraits including pets and still life elements begin at £4,750.

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